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here i am 
small poems by Zee Zahava

a collection of haiku, senryu & other small poems


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praise —

Zee Zahava measures the universe in small poems. With a loving tone she invites you, the frog, and even the ant, to share her intriguing perspective. Don’t be surprised if perhaps her happiness grows wings, a tail, or “travels backwards,” but she will not vanish, and neither will you. Like the moon in her poems, she keeps her eyes on us all.

— Kath Abela Wilson

Zee Zahava often begins the day with a morning walk, where she welcomes the possibilities of the new day and makes peace with the eternal now. As she notes in one of the small poems in this collection, she searches “each puddle for signs of magic.” Such is the heart and spirit of this intimate collection — in turns poignant, humorous, self-aware, curious, and warm. This is a collection to embrace.

— Tom Clausen

The small poems in “here i am,” by Zee Zahava, sprouting from home and neighborhood, have warmth and humor that connect the reader even with the moon.

— Ruth Yarrow

call for submissions: ‘wild voices’ vol. 2

last year on this day, a call for submissions for the all women’s anthology ‘wild voices’ (see link below) was announced. in response to the huge success & positive reaction to this book, it has been decided to make it a regular feature of wildflower poetry press. the next volume set to be published autumn 2017.

submissions will close when the book is full (please look for updates on the wildflower press fb page or simply subscribe to our MAILING LIST by sending an email to ). please send 10-20 pieces of short poetry and / or art (min. 300 dpi please in jpeg) for consideration, exploring ‘wild voices’ to with ‘SUBMISSION WILD VOICES’ followed by your name in the subject line. you will only hear back from us if your submission is successful. please note, this is a broad theme & original interpretations are welcomed. there is no need to use ‘wild’ or ‘voices’ in your poems. to get a better idea of what we are looking for, please have a look at the link below, where the current edition can be purchased —…/new-title-wi…/

feel free to share this post! furthermore, amazon reviews of the current edition of ‘wild voices’ are warmly welcomed.

thanks for all your support!

NEW TITLE — ‘hedgerow #100’

hedgerow #100: a journal of small poems edited by Caroline Skanne

hundred pieces of short poetry & art by various poets


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LATEST RELEASE! ‘between here and home a lifetime’ by Mike Keville

between here and home a lifetime by Mike Keville

a collection of small poems & artwork including haiku, senryu, tanka & haiga.










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“Mike Keville is both very down-to-earth and a very modest person, and even more modest poet. This book shows he should be recognised by a wider audience. What I’m astounded by, is that despite seeing his poems here and there, mostly on social media, I had no idea he had such a strong collection in him already, waiting to be published. It’s been a humbling experience, reading the manuscript, both as an entire overall larger poem, as any fine collection should be, in my opinion, and its smaller components of individual verse. Mike has both haiku and tanka in his blood, and brings in a partnership of the classical and the modern seamlessly. There’s such a lightness, and a lot of shade, with varied tones of humour, and the deepest poignancy. Clearly this is a human who engages in life and knows it is fleeting, and it has to be enjoyed, even in times of great danger and ill health. This is one of those books you will want to keep close to hand, and heart, and to reach out for, from your bedside, on stormy nights, and other uneasy times. This is a collection you will love to read when you are feeling happy and can feel happier, and one to read when things get bad, very bad.” — Alan Summers, Founder of With Words; Japan Times award-winning writer; and Pushcart nominated poet