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NEW TITLE — ‘hedgerow #100’

hedgerow #100: a journal of small poems edited by Caroline Skanne

hundred pieces of short poetry & art by various poets


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book launch! now available…

a hundred small poems by caroline skanne —

is a collection of short poetry and short poetry art, including haiku, haiga, tanka,
tanka art & micropoetry.

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‘With these 100 small poems Caroline Skanne reminds us of what it means to be present in every moment of every day — to be open to the magic and wonder that is all around us — to be truly alive.’ — Zee Zahava editor of brass bell: an online haiku journal

a hundred poems by caroline skanne is a fine collection, the selected pieces leave you in that in between place where you absorb the richness of what you just digested whether visually or written. And if you unwillingly have to leave, it is a book to return to time and time again and you know by doing so life is good. — Paula Dawn Letz multi-genre artist, photographer & poet